Saturday, February 05, 2011

Step on a crack...

I'm in Seattle to attend a friend's vocal recital.  Last night my brother was going to show me how he could flip on one of those pull up bars that hook onto a doorway.  Just as he pulled himself up and swung his legs forward, the piece of trim over the door gave out and Jared and the pull up bar came crashing to the ground.  The memory of that thud will be difficult to forget.

At first I thought he had landed on his neck, but he quickly rolled himself onto his knees, moaning in agony.  Once he caught his breath and was laying flat on the bed he could tell us that his back was in extreme pain.  My mom took him to the E.R. and after an x-ray and CAT scan he was admitted to the hospial with four compression fractures in his spine.

He spent most of the day in the hospital, and got a back brace.  He is being discharged as I type this.  He is on some good pain medication but I know he is still hurting.  Please pray for my brother, Jared.  Pray for complete healing, rest, and peace in his heart.  He'll have the back brace on for 6 to 8 weeks and then we'll find out what's next. Thanks, friends.


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