Saturday, January 08, 2011

The MK Christmas Special

Noah and Toby both participated in our church's children's musical this year.  It was called The MK Christmas Special and was basically a Rosie O'Donnell type talk show featuring missionary kids from around the world.  

 Here's the wreath that welcomed the audience to the performance.  
I thought the set decorations were pretty cool!


 This is what the front of the program looked like.


And a little blurb on the inside telling more about the musical.

Here is Noah's name in the program.  He was a member of the studio audience and had two small speaking parts which he said loud and clear.  Even Grandpa Bob was impressed!

And here he is singing, "It's Christmas All Over the World."

There's Toby's name in the program!  It said he was a sheep.

 Cute, huh?  Oh...but what does his costume bag say?  Not a sheep but a...


 Sheet!  I couldn't stop giggling about that one. 
 It was a super cute production and Toby was the cutest sheet on stage!


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