Sunday, January 09, 2011

Duplo Towers

Over Christmas break Geary was able to spend quite a bit of time playing with the boys while I worked on making Christmas gifts. (He really is the best husband ever.)  One of their favorite activities was building things out of legos, duplos, lincoln logs, and zoobs.  One day they decided to see how tall they could make towers made of duplos.

  They started out with a tower that was taller than Toby.

 Do me a favor and ignore that pile of mess on Miles' bed.  I was sorting through all their clothes so they could have the correct sizes and seasons in their closet.


 Next they built a tower that was taller than Noah.
Check out that clever base.  Think I've got future engineers?


 Finally, they built a tower taller than Geary!  It actually almost touched the ceiling.
 I love Toby's little happy dance here.

And then, of course, the pesky youngest brother had to come and knock it all down.  Good thing he's so cute!  And the big brothers didn't really mind.  It was just an excuse to keep on building!


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