Monday, November 08, 2010

Vacuums and Bazaars

The appliance mutiny continues.  Our vacuum cleaner should simply be renamed The Vacuum Messer because it leaves more dirt on the floor than was there before the attempted vacuuming.   My neighbor let me borrow her Dyson vacuum cleaner and my floors look amazing...for now.  I asked Geary if we could get a Dyson with our tax return money.

I really enjoy my creative outlets of jewelry making and sewing.  My little etsy shop has given me a nice little bit of "pocket money" to buy new supplies or even a new outfit here and there.  It's nice to be able to get something for myself without interrupting the family budget.  I know Geary appreciates that, too.

My friends have been amazing advertisers for my work.  I now have two opportunities to sell my jewelry at local shops.  It's exciting but at this point still something I haven't faced head on.  I have not talked to the shop owners.  I have not made inventory to take to their shops.  I haven't had time to do any more than the orders that come in from my etsy shop. 

The Newberg MOPS group is holding a holiday Bazaar and I'm going to participate.  It's funny...I set up my etsy shop that so that I could replicate a few designs over and over and therefore not have my house full of inventory just sitting around.  But for the bazaar I need a lot of inventory sitting around.  The bazaar is on the 20th so these next two weeks are going to be full of creating stuff.  It will be good though.  Because once I have that inventory (and packaging, and display) I can send my work to other craft fairs and maybe even have some stuff to bring in to those two shops.

And maybe...just maybe, God will grant me success and I will make enough money to buy my own Dyson without interrupting the family budget and the little yellow Linhart house can have clean floors all the time.  Well...most of the time.

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  1. I will be praying for you and all that your fingers will be making... I sure enjoy making things with my hands. It is truly a blessing and a gift! I will be praying you get your vacuum soon... let me know if it works well... my vacuum is on it's last leg!

    ps please post pics! I love your work!


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