Sunday, November 14, 2010


Last month one of my tree necklaces was on display in a local coffee shop art show.  When I went to see the exhibit on opening day I was delighted to see that my necklace had already been sold! But when the art director brought my piece back to me at the end of the art show she didn't know who had bought it.  However, she did make an offer.

"I'll ask the people at The Coffee Cottage if they know anything.  And if we don't find out, I'll buy it.  It's beautiful!
It turned out that coffee shop people didn't know who the mystery buyer was, either.  So the art director stopped by with $30 and took the tree necklace. 

With that $30 I purchased fabric for Bloom Brooches and pearls for Poppy and Pearls necklaces.

A few days later, I needed silver chain, clasps, and hair clips.  And I sold a pair of earrings.  Another $20 for supplies.

On the day I decided to visit some thrift stores to get display items two more orders came in.  The money was provided.

I have one week until the Christmas Bazaar and Ruby Willow has $5 to its name.  I still need to purchase my packaging supplies and more chain.  I admit, I fretted about money last night.  Despite that list of provision above, I actually worried that I would not get what I needed.

This morning I recieved an email from The Coffee Cottage:


The mystery of the sold necklace is now solved! A youngster bought it, with her allowance! She will be coming in to the coffee cottage on Monday to get it.
I'll have $30 more dollars in my pocket on Monday (after making a new tree necklace of course!).

How awesome is God!

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