Thursday, August 26, 2010

Name Those Earrings

Update:  I chose the name Mel suggested: Moondrops.  It is perfect for this pair of earrings!  I thought this was fun and I loved hearing everyone's suggestions.  When I get the jewelry back from my photographer I'll post another piece and hold another naming contest.  Thanks, everyone!


This poor blog has been neglected!  I have been busy, busy, busy!  But to make up for the lack of posting lately, I thought I'd offer a fun little contest.  You see very soon I'm going to be introducing several new designs to my etsy shop.  One of Geary's students is a very talented photographer and she's been taking pictures of my work being worn by her adorable friends.  I am loving how the pictures are turning out.  And I'm glad you will now have a chance to see how my jewelry looks on a real body and get an idea of the scale and how it lays.  Plus, it's just dang fun to see people wearing my stuff!

Here's one of the new earring designs that will be in my shop soon.  I need to come up with a name for these little beauties and I thought it would be fun to ask my blog readers to give suggestions.  Whoever comes up with the winning suggestion will get to choose something from my shop for free!  And if this is fun and works out, maybe I'll have this type of contest again for other new pieces. (The necklace is another new design but it already has a name...I'll post close-ups soon!)


  1. Love these! How about Shining Silverdrops? They look like love drops of silver, not to mention they are drop earrings!

    There are a few "silverdrop" named items on Etsy, but no Shining Silverdrops by the the fabulous Ruby Willow!

  2. LoveLY drops of silver. I have no idea what love drops of silver are. :P

  3. floating pearl sound good to me
    and I have some stone pendants for you to be creative with

  4. Dew Drop, like the drops of dew you find on the grass in the morning. This is the first idea that comes to mind...but I'll keep brainstorming. :o)

  5. Keeping with the flower/tree theme of your other beautiful jewelry and Etsy name I'm thinking either Laurel Dewdrop or perhaps Morning Glory drop earrings :)

  6. I think they look like they should be called "moon-drops"...

    They are really lovely :-)


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