Friday, August 27, 2010

Flying Contest

Last weekend Noah participated in his first model airplane flying contest.   
Grandpa Bob has been flying model planes for years and it's a 
really fun hobby for him to do with some of his grandkids.

Everyone flies in a giant field while someone records their flight times.  

Then they have to retrieve their planes. 

Some people use bicycles or mopeds.  Noah had to go on foot but he didn't mind.

Grandma provided sun hats for everyone.  Toby isn't quite gentle enough with the model planes yet, but we're sure he'll want in on this hobby, too.  

Noah did well, beating his own practice times and he won a 
new model airplane kit!

Grandma is a big supporter.  She even has cute little airplane earrings!

It's a pretty cool hobby 
and Noah can graduate to bigger and more complex planes as he grows.

Geary caught this shot of one of Grandpa Bob's flights.  It was a little blurry but with some photo editing it almost looks like a painting!

The next day Noah and Toby got to visit Enchanted Forest with their cousins!  

Toby loved riding the train--he rode it three times!

Noah's favorite was the bumper cars.
He liked attacking Geary and Lili.

Toby also drove the little bumper boats all by himself!

Karissa was a little boater, too.

I'm not sure where this shot was taken but I love the happy faces
on both of these guys.

Both boys said it was the most fun weekend ever
and they can't wait to do it again!

Special thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Bob
 for the fun weekend and for providing some of the photos!


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