Saturday, April 17, 2010


Toby and I dropped off our enrollment forms for preschool yesterday.  The head teacher was super nice and let us have a tour and some play time in the classroom.  I'm really hoping that preschool will help draw Toby out of his shell.  At home he is chatty and silly and adventurous.  But if anyone outside of our family enters the picture he completely closes up.  We're hoping preschool will help Toby feel safe to be himself anywhere.

When we left the school Toby said, "That's my school.  Not for Noah.  Not for Miles.  Just for Toby."  I often wonder how Toby feels being the middle child.  Perhaps preschool will also provide something for him that is just his.  A space to just be Toby without having to share the spotlight with his brothers.  Regardless, I'm glad he's excited about the school.  And hopefully it will be good motivation for potty training, too!


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