Saturday, April 10, 2010

Apparently my postpartum grace period is over...

Toby had wet his pants and after getting a fresh pull-up on he spied some khaki pants nearby.  "Mama, I want new pants.  I want Daddy Pants."  I guess he associated the khaki pants with Daddy since most of Geary's work pants are khaki.  

"Sorry, those pants are dirty," I said.  It was almost dinner time and it would be bed time right after that so I grabbed a pair of blue pajama pants. "How about these?" I asked.

Toby sighed, "No.  Not Mommy Pants!"

I promise, I really do get dressed in real clothes every day!  Really!


  1. I think that getting dressed is oftentimes overrated :)

  2. Laugh out loud funny! I love little Toby! :) Thanks for the laughter. :)


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