Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Two Birds, One Stone

I'm in the potty training trenches right now. Toby is interested in the potty. He loves the movie Potty Power. He is excited about big boy underwear. But he has yet to actually put his pee in the potty. So we're spending extra time just sitting and waiting for something to happen.

Toby is also really excited about letters. He loves the letter magnets I made for him and last week I picked up some foam letters and numbers for him to play with. Today I had a brilliant idea for combining letter learning with potty training.

Toby sat on the toilet while I held up the foam letters for him to see. I would say each letter's name when he repeated me I would hand the letter to him. Then he got to throw the letter from his seat on the toilet into a basket on the floor. If he made it we would clap and cheer. If he missed we would say, "Try again!" and repeat the letter's name and everything.

So far he recognizes A, I, Q, T, N, V, and W. He still didn't get any pee to come out in the potty but it's okay...Try again!


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