Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Status Updates

I really miss facebook. Have I made a mistake? I miss being connected easily to most of my friends and family. And yet, I was wasting SO much time online because of it. Ugh, what to do, what to do. Keep my commitment, I think. Facebook will be there after Easter and maybe by then I won't feel so dependent on it. However, I still think in status updates. For example:
  • Miles has his first cold. Hearing a baby cough is heartbreaking.
  • If I ever want Toby to do a chore all I have to do is ask Noah to do it.
  • I had a nest necklace order from a stranger! In Maryland!
  • Why can't laundry just put itself away?
  • Jeana Linhart is making cinnamon rolls.
  • Flannery O'Connor will probably not make my favorite authors list, but I'm glad I read some of her work.


  1. Ha... when I start thinking in "facebook status lines" I know I need to give up for awhile! I too love facebook... it is just so ice to be connected with those who are so far away... thankfully we have this wonderful blog world, too!

  2. New suggested status update for Jeana:

    Jeana is sending cinnamon rolls to the Hutchisons in Massachusetts

  3. I had to give up face book for indefinitely so I'm feeling your pain!! I just spent too much time on it when I could be enjoying my kiddos! Praying for you!


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