Saturday, December 12, 2009

Those Good Lookin' Linhart Boys

Geary and I sure do make cute boys, don't we?

I'm so happy they have each other. And that we have them.

They will be buddies for life and have so many great stories to tell their own children.

Miles doesn't know it yet but he has the best big brothers in the world.
Noah and Toby are completely smitten with their baby.

Toby wouldn't let Miles go after this photo session.
He kept saying, "No! I like more baby."


  1. you DO make really, exceptionally cute boys. so funny....heather and i were talking right after miles was born about how cute he was! heather (who is pregnant with her first:) said "i thought newborns were all kinda ugly" and i said "i KNOW! they are....but what are we thinking? have you seen pics of noah and toby?" heather replied "oh it makes sense"

    love that they are beautiful inside and out and so glad they have each other. in our foster training they were stressing the importance of the sibling bond. they will know your siblings longer than anyone else in your life. not your parents, not your spouse, not your children....most likely you will have relationship longest with your brothers and sisters. so cool if you have brothers like your boys.

  2. I second that.. you have very cute boys and they all look so grown up... even Miles is looking older!

  3. Wow, Miles is so alert and looking right at the camera. He certainly is a cute newborn.

  4. Yep, you guys have very adorable boys! I love the dark hair:)

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