Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Crime Scene

I was nursing Miles in the kitchen when I noticed the house was strangely quiet. I put Miles in his swing and went to investigate. This is the scene I was met with in the living room:

Our advent calender had been viciously pulled apart, it's contents scattered across the floor.

Empty candy wrappers were everywhere.

Look at those sad, empty cubicles.

Today is the 11th so that's, let's see...FOURTEEN pieces of chocolate!

The perpetrator. Check out those shifty eyes.
I am NOT looking forward to today's diaper changes.


  1. That is so sad, and so funny. I can say that since last Christmas we found both girls had eaten all of the stocking candy (a full bag of candy between the two of them)during their "naptime". The bags had been hidden (apparently not well) in a bin in their room. They were sick to their stomachs all day. Will you be replacing the candy for your eldest??? Good luck with the diapers.

  2. That boy is lucky he's so cute, huh?


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