Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dear Toby...

Very soon you are going to be a big brother and a middle child. We are looking forward to discovering how these changes in our family will shape you. You are already so fun, so hilarious, so quirky. Like how you in insist on wearing your rain boots all the time. Even to bed. And always on the wrong feet.
Or how you pout at the breakfast table because I've offered you cereal instead of the requested pumpkin pie. Trust me, I wish we could have pie for breakfast, too.

You are learning new things every day and becoming such a helpful little man. I love it when you help me put wet clothes in the dryer. You're good at recycling paper and throwing things away in the trash for me, too. And you always know where to find my shoes--probably because you are the one who hid them in the first place.

Remember when I asked you to put away your (brand new) toothbrush in the bathroom? Yeah...this is not what I meant.

I love you, you little turkey.




  1. What a sweet little letter.... Toby sounds like such a character. Leesi loves her shoes too (she doesn't have any rain boots yet though) and always wants to wear them, even over her footy pajamas.

  2. Love for a child is overwhelming.. isn't it? I am thankful God gives us kids to teach us about His love for us! I am cheering for little M to come... soon!

  3. eeeeeeew, anyone wanna brush their teeth? LOL


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