Thursday, October 01, 2009

When you don't know the answer--make one up!

Toby has been picking up a lot of conversational skills lately. He loves to be asked questions about animal noises, colors, and where things or people are. Yesterday we had the following exchange:

Jeana: Where's Noah?

Toby: At his school! Where's Daddy?

Jeana: Hmm. Do you know? Where's Daddy?

Toby: Daddy at work!

Jeana: He is! Noah's at school. Daddy's at work.

Toby: Where Lili at?

Jeana: I think Lili is at school. Where do you think Lili is?

Toby: Lili fall off the horse.

Jeana: Oh no! She fell off her horse?

Toby: Yeah. She broke her head.

Jeana: She broke her head!?!

Toby.'s sad.

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  1. LOVE IT!! I will have to let LiLi know that she fell off a horse, hurt her head and that Toby is sad for her. She will appreciate the sympathy.


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