Tuesday, September 29, 2009


We live pretty close to an elementary school and take great delight in the scores of children who run around our neighborhood. Right now it's fundraising time and that means little kids are busily knocking on the doors of their neighbors asking for donations. Our door gets a lot of attention.

Geary opens the door.
Little Girl #1: Hi. Um...we're collecting money for the Jog-a-thon. It helps our school. I mean it helps us...um...
Little Girl #2: ...
Geary: Okay, let me see if I have any money.
(Geary finds a ten dollar bill)
Geary: Here you go! Have fun jogging!
Little Girl #2: Um...we're supposed to share this. Do you have two fives?
Geary (laughing): Let me go check. Sorry, this is all I have. Can you get change from your mom or something?
Little Girl #1: My mom probably has fives.
Geary: Great, so...thank you!
Little Girl #1: Wait! You have to sign this envelope.
Geary: Okaaay...(signs the envelope)
Little Girl #2: ahem...
Little Girl#1: You have to sign her's, too.
Geary: Right. (signs other envelope)
Little Girl #1: THANK YOU!
Geary: No, thank you! Gracias! (starts to shut the door)
Little Girl #2 (in a quiet voice): De nada!
The girls run down the street with squeals of victory to descend upon their next victims donors.

tap tap tap BLAM BLAM BLAM tap!
Geary opens the door.
Little Boy (holding out an envelope): Do you have any money?
Geary (hiding a smile): Sorry, I already gave my money to some girls earlier.
Little Boy: ... (walks away)

BLAM BLAM BLAM! (they go straight for the loudness now)
Jeana opens the door.
Little Girl: I...we...uh...
Jeana: Is that for the jog-a-thon?
Little Girl: Yeah. Do you want to pay me for running?
Jeana: I wish I could but we already gave money to some girls last week.
Little Girl: Oh.
Jeana: Sorry! Good luck.
Little Girl: Okay. Do you know anyone who would pay me to run?
Jeana: Sorry. Wait! I have a bag full of coins, do you want that?
Little Girl: Are coins the same as money?
Jeana: Yes, just a little heavier.
Little Girl: Okay, I'll take it off your hands.

I can't wait to see who knocks today!


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