Monday, August 31, 2009

Weddings and Blood Sugar

On Saturday I picked up my old college roommate, Becca, in Portland we took a little roadtrip to Richland, WA. Our other roommate, Lisa, was getting married and there was no way we were going to miss it! It was a fun trip with lots of laughing and chatting and it was so nice to be able to reference Multnomah things without having to give a lot of background context. Lisa's wedding was beautiful. She was a gorgeous and radiant bride, the ceremony was deeply touching, and the reception was lighthearted and fun. Plus we got to stay in a hotel and browse through bookstores and go to Ikea! The whole weekend was a great girls only getaway for me.

Right now I'm putting the finishing touches on a big wedding jewelry custom order. I've been working on four bridesmaid necklaces and earrings, two candlelighter necklaces and earrings, and one flower girl necklace and bracelet on an off all summer. The wedding is in just a couple weeks so I need to finish up and I'm hoping to have pictures for you soon. It's been very fun to work on these pieces and to pray for the bride and groom as I do. What an honor to have a little part of creating beauty for such an important ceremony in their lives. I hope I get to have a piece of wedding cake.

Did you catch that last sentence? Well, last week I failed the glucose tolerance test. So now I have to take a three hour glucose test. This Wednesday I will fast for 10 hours and then have my blood drawn. Then I have to drink a super sweet drink and have my blood drawn every hour for the next three hours. If I don't pass this test I will be diagnosed with gestational diabetes and I won't get to have any wedding cake. The good news is that 85% of women who fail the first test pass the second test. Pray that I'm one of those women, please!


  1. I'm prayin'! Cmon, glucose!

    Sounds like a great trip. Hooray for girls!

  2. Sounds like a great trip! I'm sure Lisa was a gorgeous bride, so sad I missed it.

    Just so you know, I failed the first test (by A LOT!) last time... and passed the second one. This time I failed the first one again but wasn't able to take the second one (kind of a long story). Now I test my sugars a couple times a week and I seem to be able to keep it perfectly in check by eating a little extra protein. The only downside is that I'm sick of eggs for breakfast!

  3. Thanks, friends! I'll let you know the results. Carolyn, thank you. It's reassuring to know it doesn't have to be THAT BAD.


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