Wednesday, August 26, 2009

On Getting Old

Noah: When me and my brothers grow up then you and Dad will start getting old.

Jeana: You mean we're not old now?

Noah: No. You're still young.

Jeana: How do you know when someone is old?

Noah: Well, they start looking old.

Jeana: What does old look like?

Noah: You get cracks in your skin, your hair turns white or sometimes goes away. Your bones get weak. Your muscles run away. Well, they don't run away but they just go away. A little bit.

Jeana: Do you know anyone who is old?

Noah: Yeah, lots of people are old. I like them.

Jeana: Good. I hope you'll like me when I get old.

Noah: I probably will. But don't ask me to change your diaper!

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