Sunday, August 16, 2009

Deconstructed Applique

One sure sign that I'm feeling better is my return to all things artsy-craftsy. I worked on a little bit of jewelry and handmade several birthday gifts this weekend. And today I made a little something for the creature growing in my womb.

I've seen appliqued onesies like this all over etsy and baby boutiques lately and I think they're adorable. I wanted to try it myself but since I am still a beginning sewer I decided to go for a more organic/messy look. I wanted the letter to look a bit frayed and for the stitches to be not so perfect--since I can rarely achieve almost perfect, anyway.

So instead of folding the edges of my letter over I left them flat and then straight stitched and back stitched 4 or 5 times along each edge. I didn't worry about having perfectly straight lines and I was glad to see the edges fray like I hoped they would. I'm really happy with the result.

Here's what the inside looks like. And aren't you lucky? I just gave you a clue about his name!


  1. Great job, Jeana - it looks great! I'm guessing the M is not for Molly... :-)

  2. I think i have and idea . . . . :)????

  3. Molly, I can't believe you guessed it so fast! Boo. ;)

  4. Super cute!! Little Mogadishu will be so chic!


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