Monday, July 27, 2009

My Pen

On the first day of Old Fashioned Festival I was gathering all the things I might need. On my way out the door I thought to bring a pen so I just grabbed the first one I saw and threw it in my bag.

A couple hours later I got a phone call from Geary, "Hi! Um...have you seen a black pen? With a white end? And it's kind of thick?"

"Yeah, I have it right here."

"Oh good! It's my pen!"

"Oh...sorry. I'll bring it home with me tonight."

Of course I forgot to bring the pen home with me. "It's okay, I'll just stop by your booth and pick up tomorrow."

And he did. And then I was told about this sketch from Kids In the Hall. Enjoy!

Kids In The Hall - My Pen - Funny videos are here


  1. I so needed a good laugh! Thanks for that! By the way what did Geary think about the clip? (you guys have such a fun relationship... I love it!)

  2. He liked it. And I definitely have my own things that are MINE and nobody better run off with them. My Sharpies! My Sharpies! :)


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