Sunday, July 26, 2009

Old Fashioned Festival 2009

Being a vendor at the Old Fashioned Festival was a great experience. I'm exhausted but wanted to show some pictures and let you all know how it went.

I shared a booth with Holly, from church, and her sister-in-law, Shelly. They call their business Dragonfly Designs and sell beautiful jewelry, handmade bags and cell phone holders, and adorable journals.


Aunt Mary found the white necklace easels and mailed them to me from Idaho. The black ones are from Jo-Ann Fabrics.

I found some cool looking branches and set up them in a pot full of river rocks to make an interesting necklace holder. Lots people complimented the display.


My wooden sign. It was originally made my Kristal from {grateful tulip} but it had some damage during shipping so Kristal sent me new letter cutouts to repair it. I messed it up so badly that I had to start over on the backside. I should have just sent it back to the master but...that's what I get for procrastinating. The U and the B are a little wonky but it's passable though, right?


My new business cards. I updated my logo on etsy, too. I had these printed at LazerQuick and cut them out myself the night before the festival (did I mention that I procrastinated a little bit?) When I get low I'll order more (pre-cut!) cards from VistaPrint.


It was hot, hot, hot. But sitting in the shade wasn't too bad. Plus, I got in some valuable "woman talk." Holly and Shelly and some of their (and my new) friends are a hoot! I was able to make some new pieces and get lots of great ideas on how to be a better vendor in the bazaar venue.

Here are some of the pieces that sold:

All in all I had 11 sales including three custom-orders. I made $137 (net) and I feel great about it because I went into this not even knowing if I would sell one piece. It was very affirming to see people (strangers) liking my work. Several people took business cards and it's exciting knowing that my name is getting out there.

Shelly invited me to join her at some other craft bazaars and I'm going to seriously consider it. Armed with my new knowledge I think I might actually have a chance at growing my little business!

I could not have accomplished anything at Old Fashioned Festival without the help of the following people:
Geary, you were super-dad and my number one supporter. Thank you for taking such excellent care of me and our children. Thank you for bringing me food and water and for telling me that I looked beautiful when I felt like a sweaty, swollen-ankled mess. You elevated me with your words and actions and that was exactly what I needed. I love you.

My Festival Bridesmaids, Mary, Katy, and Jayme. These ladies have given me endless support and praise for my work. They have helped me by modeling, giving ideas and opinions, pricing, organizing, sign adjusting, lending personal items to make my booth prettier, and stopping by the booth multiple times to lend moral support. I love you girls and I'm so very thankful that you're on my team.

Holly and Shelly, thank you so much for inviting me to share your booth. I deeply enjoyed getting to know you both better and you have given me valuable ideas on how to improve my business. Plus, spending time with two sisters-in-the-Lord truly blessed my heart--and not the Southern way. ;) I'm very much looking forward to working with you again.
That's all folks! As I mentioned, it was super hot this weekend and my ankles are quite swollen. In the words of Shelly, I have cartoon feet! So I'm going to go put my feet up and veg in front of a movie!


  1. Nice work!!! Your displays look so great!

  2. GORGEOUS! I'd love to follow you here but can't find how to. Please advise! :)

  3. Great Job Jeana! I tried to sell wreaths at Christmas Bazaars a few years ago. It didn't go well for me at all (when all was said and done I barely broke even). So I know how intimidating it can be to go into these things and put your work out there. Well done. I hope that your business continues to grow.


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