Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Family Business 2009

We've been hard at work on our furniture makeovers this week. Here are a few "before and afters" of our first projects of the summer.

Dresser Before

We purchased this dresser at a garage sale for $5.

It either belonged to someone named Seth or someone with a crush on Seth.

One side had a pretty bad scrape.

Dresser After

We drilled holes for drawer pulls and painted the whole thing black.

You can see the part that used to be all scraped up. We filled it with spackle. It's not perfect but we think the blemish gives character to this little dresser.

Nightstand #1 Before

Actually, I forgot to take a before picture of this little nightstand. But it looked pretty much like this. Only uglier and not real wood. It was also a garage sale find.

Nightstand #1 After

Ta-da! We painted it glossy black, added a drawer pull and lined the back with pretty wrapping paper.

This is my favorite makeover out of the three.

Nightstand #2 Before

A family at Veritas was giving away some furniture and our friends picked up this nightstand and a matching desk. They kept the desk and passed the nightstand on to us. Their daughter had painted it pink with white polka dots.

Nightstand #2 After

We painted it black and added drawer pulls. It looks a little like a file cabinet now but hopefully someone will want it.

It would be cute in an office, I think. With a nice plant on top.

So that's it! In case you're wondering why everything is black it's because we found a nice gallon of black paint at Home Depot that we're trying to use up. Also, it seems to sell on Craigslist pretty well. It's been fun getting into the Family Business again. However, I need to learn to respect my pregnant body's limits. Yesterday I over did it a little and was pretty much useless after 4 pm. Geary was champ though and made dinner and put the kids to bed. I'm so glad he's my teammate.


  1. Those are beautiful! Great work you guys! I only wish we had money and lived near by!

  2. As usual: wonderful work! #2 is my fave, too. LOVE the black and white, schwanky. Becky


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