Thursday, June 18, 2009


My friend Leng Leng and her husband Mak Teng, who are from Singapore, have been visiting the Pacific Northwest for the past couple of months. This week they were in Portland and we were invited to go bird watching with them. It was really fun!

We met at Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge and immediately saw some wildlife.

This raccoon popped out from a tree right behind us.

It glanced all around and several times looked directly at me.

Then it started crawling out of its den! I was a little worried that it would approach us.

Especially when we saw the baby raccoon pop its head out as the mama raccoon climbed down the tree.

Can you believe that cute little thing is going to rummage through a garbage can someday?

We also saw this insect. It had many legs.

We saw some birds, too, including a bald eagle, redwing blackbirds, and songbird sparrows. My camera was too wimpy to take pictures of those birds but we did get to see them through our binoculars and Tak Meng's professional camera.

The boys had a great time and it was fun to see them really enjoying nature. They got pretty tired after about an hour and half and it was a good hike back to the parking lot but they were troupers and didn't complain. And Geary had a great time talking politics with Tak Meng.

Leng Leng and me after the big hike uphill. I should have been a better friend and requested pictures before we were all sweaty.

The whole family with Leng Leng.

The whole family with Tak Meng.

Bird watching was a really fun adventure and I'm so thankful to Leng Leng and Tak Meng for introducing us to a new family activity. We have plans to check out the Portland Audubon Society very soon!

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  1. very fun! you girls make sweaty look fashionable!!


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