Friday, October 03, 2008

A Chair For My Mother

(Actually, it's a chair for me. But I'm a mother so it totally counts.)

Yesterday, I was feeling better and just a bit cabin feverish. Besides dropping Noah off at school each day and seeing my doctor, I hadn't been out of the house for nearly three weeks! I was perusing Craigslist when I saw this chair:

The Jules chair had long been on my wish list from Ikea so when I saw that the price was less than half of what I would spend to buy it new, and that it was only 18 miles away, I quickly got dressed, threw the kids in the car, and went to go pick it up.

Before this chair we had been dragging one of the kitchen chairs back and forth to the desk. It was really too high for the desk, too. But my new Jules chair is perfect. I love its Mod sensibilities and it goes great with my "mod dots" themed kitchen. Also, the kids think it is their new spinning toy. Hooray for chairs! And hooray for being back in the land of the living!


If you are not familiar with the title of this post, it's also the title of one of my favorite kids books. Check it out here.

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  1. yey for craigslist gold and a chair for noah and tobin's mother!


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