Thursday, August 14, 2008


It's Thursday. Our last post was Sunday. Everyday between Sunday and today I have sat down at the computer to blog only stare at a blank screen. I just can't think of anything to write about.

Should I regale you with tales of our adventures in...laundry?

Should I impress you with the amazing drama that unfolded while we...watered our lawn? Okay, ready? The wet! And, you'll never believe this. So did the soil!!!

How about some cute stories about the boys...watching TV while we planned out our budget?

What can I say, we are in the throes of the mundane. But we are doing well and I'm sure something more exciting will happen sooner or later.

So...hi! What have you been up to?


  1. Right this second, I'm trying to remember where I last used my credit card (can't find it!); sweating in this odd humidity, eating crackers, gloating over bringing home two cool FREE chairs, and getting ready for a business trip to SF.

    Exciting all over! Becky

  2. Packing to head of to Vermont for the weekend. Trying to keep the girls entertain while Allen finishes his paper. Trying not to vomit on my little girl, who is standing next to me with a load (definitely not laundry) in her pants.
    Thanks for asking :-)


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