Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Remember that time we went to the children's museum in Bend and Noah was painting something? And I promised that I would show it to you once I got it framed? Well...tah-dah!

It's a bird and a flower and I think it must be the most lovely painting I've ever been given. Okay, I do admit to being a bit biased...but still! I am super impressed with Noah's artwork. I even love the texture of the kids craft paper.


  1. I love it! That is one of my dreams of being a mom... framing Ethan's art! I can't wait... I don't think there is much greater than a masterpiece of a child... well chocolate...maybe... ;o)

    love ya Jeana... hope G gets better soon!

  2. ps... I love reading your blog... makes me smile!

  3. Love the picture! Noah has a lot of talent. This picture is definitely a keeper.


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