Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Shopping & Painting

Another highlight of our vacation was shopping in Sisters and in Bend. Sisters is so adorable! I could have poked around in the shops there all day--too bad we were outnumbered by males who could not have cared less about shopping. My wonderful mother-in-law and I had a good time though. My favorite stores in Sisters were Twigs, Bedouin, and the Antique Mall.

When we were in Bend, Bob and Geary found a new children's museum called Working Wonders. I was so busy chasing Toby around I didn't even think about getting my camera out until we were sitting down in the art room. Here's Noah, the serious artist. Once I get it framed I'll show you what he was painting.

If you're ever in Bend with kids you should definitely check this place out. It's set up like a little town (known as Kidville) with a grocery store, post office, pet hospital, pizza shop and more. All the buildings have telephones which can call the other buildings so the pizza shop can order tomato sauce from the store and the post office can order pizza for the mail man. It's very fun and very cute. We had a great time.


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