Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Smooching Trees

One of the ways we motivated Noah to keep pedaling was to race him around the playground. He went faster and faster and decided his final race would be against Grandma. You can watch the video above. Just to warn you, it's not all that exciting but you'll get to hear a few snarky comments from Geary and me so hopefully it will be worth your while.

After the big race it was time for Noah to ride the bike back to the rental lot. There was slight hill that he was afraid to go down but we all pressured encouraged him to try and he timidly rolled down the incline.

Just when it looked like he was starting to have fun going fast he lost his balance. We all saw the bike tip and we all saw Noah stick his foot out and catch himself from falling. Unfortunately he over compensated and the bike spun completely around and Noah tipped the other way. He stuck his other foot out and he would have avoided the fall except for... the tree. The tree that Noah rammed into face first. It was just like George of the Jungle. His face hit the bark and then he kind of slid down trunk. He had split his lip and scraped his chin.

Geary picked him up and took him to the bathroom for cleanup while the rest of us returned the bike. I was so proud of Noah's good attitude though! On the way to get popsicles for his lip he was able to laugh at himself and join in on the joking about how he had kissed a tree. "Maybe you can call me Tree-Face! Or WoodyLips!"

Of course now that tree will be famous. It will be known as "Noah's Tree" and we plan to re-tell the story of his tree smooch for generations.

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  1. Grandpa should call horse races - he's good :)


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