Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Family Bike

One of the things we really wanted to do at Black Butte was rent one of their "Family Bikes." These are also known as "Surreys."

Children under 16 are required to wear helmets and I desperately wanted to get a picture of their mushroom headed cuteness. Unfortunately Toby was much more interested in climbing the stairs.
Look at all my cute boys! Toby thought it was hilarious to bonk his helmet head into Noah's helmet and they proceeded to knock skulls for the entire bike ride. I really wanted to get a video of it but...

See the clouds rolling in? Insert music of doom here.

Right after I took this picture my bag fell off the Family Bike and all the contents spilled out. Including my camera which burst open and spit out its batteries. I gathered everything up but then my camera wouldn't turn on again. (It turned out okay. After a change of batteries it still works but there is a new hairline crack on the LCD display screen.)

For awhile we had a blast. The first part of the bike trail was all downhill and we were whooping and hollering with glee. We rode down to the General Store and picked up the fixings for s'mores. It was fantastic. But then we got back into the Family Bike and winds shifted.

We were pedaling uphill with strong winds against us. Our whoops and hollers were now coming from the deep desire to be inside where it was warm and where our legs muscles didn't have to feel like noodles. We pedaled and huffed and panted up the hill and when it started raining only 30 minutes into our hour long rental time we thought, "Well, at least we have a good excuse to give up." 10 minutes later we returned the surrey to the Rec Center and hightailed it over to the Sports Shop to see if they were selling mochas!


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