Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cabin Time

A great deal of our holiday was spend just hanging out at the cabin in Black Butte. It is a wonderful house and I'm looking forward to many years of visiting there. I was able to read through 7 books in 8 days which was pure bliss for me. Geary read a lot and watched several documentaries. Noah loved climbing the stairs and exploring all the little nooks and closets. He called them "Noah Caves." Tobin cruised around all the furniture and really liked driving toy cars off the stone steps. And of course there was the nightly Sorry tournament.

We brought our own Sorry boardgame, Grandpa Bob brought his, and then we found another set at the cabin. We also played Memory, Go Fish, Snap, Speed, War, Slap Jack, and Mexican Train Dominoes. I love vacations like this where there is no pressure to do and see everything. Just hanging out with the people we love brought so much relaxation and deep satisfaction with life.

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  1. I feel envy at the thought of you getting to read 7 books!! Vacations are wonderful.


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