Friday, May 09, 2008

Muscle Men

Geary has been working super hard in front and back yards. He has dug up tree stumps, moved about 4 gazillion rocks, tilled soil, dug fence post holes, and much much more. In the front yard we are ready to lay sod but we'll need to borrow a truck to pick it up (along with some topsoil) and we're still working on finding someone with a truck. After the sod (and depending on money) we'll add a few shrubs and some flowers to the flower bed and we hope to find a great hanging porch swing.
In the backyard we are working on repairing the fence and then we'll be ready to roto-till and plant new grass seed. Eventually we hope to cover the exisiting chain link fence (ugly!) with split bamboo fencing (pretty!) and add a vegetable garden, clothesline, patio table and chairs, and a hammock.
Right after digging out the stump of a huge tree in our backyard. Check out the giant crater!

Noah helped.


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