Friday, February 01, 2008

Toofers and Mobility

Toby's top two front teeth emerged yesterday.

He is also crawling. Kind of. He does this thing where he gets up on his hands and knees and then draws his knees up as far as he can. Then he throws him arms behind him so that he flops onto his belly (or sometimes his face) and moves forward like a seal sliding on ice. Then back up on hands and knees and the process repeats. But he really is moving forward.

Another way he gets around is by laying on his back and pushing himself with his feet. He can't quite steer this way so he doesn't ever seem to get where he wants to go. But he goes.

Also, he can do this little sitting up scoot on his bottom thing that is quite cute. He moved all the way across his and Noah's bedroom this way and managed to pull out one of Noah's drawers and completely empty it's contents.

I love watching all these developments. However, Toby firmly refuses to believe me when I tell him that he is absolutely forbidden to grow up. Oh well...


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