Monday, February 25, 2008

Girl Time

Two of my favorite people came to visit us last weekend--Megan and Amy. Some highlights of the weekend:

  • Showing them our house for the first time
  • Amy and Tobin's first meeting
  • Watching the boys interact with these two precious ladies
  • Yummy pizza dinner from Whole Foods
  • Taking a walk around our little town
  • My friends hearing my heart and praying for me
  • Girl talk about boys
  • Watching Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (Bless your beautiful hide!)
  • Mexican Train Dominoes (which I lost by about 1,000 points)
  • Mexican food for lunch
  • Wandering around 21st and 23rd St. in Portland

It was so good to see Megan and Amy. I really needed that time with my deep level friends. I hope they can come back soon!


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