Friday, March 02, 2007

Dear Geary,

Thank you for continuing to sleep in the same bed with me during this last month of pregnancy. I know it cannot be easy. You've been forced over to the the tiniest sliver of mattress because of my "nest of pillows" but you've never complained about it. I know that I've started snoring, and not just because you told me so this weekend, but because my own snoring has woken me up at night. And yet, you don't shove or kick me the way I do to you when you snore sometimes.

I doubt you're getting quality sleep because of all my violent tossing and turning and getting up 100 times a night to go to the bathroom. Thanks for not making fun of me when I have to roll over in stages because my belly is too big to go in one fluid movement. And it must really be a pain when I decide that I must sleep with my head at the foot of the bed. I hope I've never kicked you the face. You haven't told me that I have, but I'm thinking you're too nice to tell me I abuse you in my sleep.

Now that I'm wearing wrist braces at night because of this pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome I'm so sorry for all the times you've been wacked on the legs/arms/shoulders/chest/back by the metal bar in the brace. Or been scratched by the velcro as I try to snuggle with you. My doctor says the carpal tunnel will go away when the baby's born. I promise the wrist braces will go away, too.

I know I'm a giant (literally) mess to be with at night. It must be a complete nightmare to sleep next me. But you do. Every night. And words can't express how grateful I am to have you there, massaging my sore muscles, scratching my itchy back, and comforting me when I have some crazy pregnancy dream or a charlie horse. You're the perfect husband for me and I love you.




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