Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Kissing Cousins (now with more vomit!)

Analia spent the night last night. This is what happened at 6:35 this morning.

Jeana's bedroom door opens slowly with a loud creak.

Noah: Mom, it's light outside.
Jeana: Hmm? Okay, you guys can get up.
Noah: We already did. I'm just telling you.
Jeana: (yawning) Okay, I'm gonna sleep for a little while longer.
Analia: My mom does that, too sometimes.
Noah: My mom sometimes stays in her pajamas all day!
Analia: So does my mom!

(Warning to new parents: The children will always rat you out)

Analia: What do you wanna do now?
Noah: Let's get married!
Analia: Yeah! And then I will have two babies in my tummy!

Scurrying sounds and giggles for about 2 minutes.

Analia: Okay! You may kiss the bride!

Smooching sound and more giggles.

Noah: Let's cuddle!
Analia: Oooh, my tummy hurts! The babies are coming!
Noah: No, no, I think you drank too much chocolate milk. You are gonna throw up!
Analia: Yes! Oh, my babies are born! Now lets all throw up!
Noah: Okay! Bleeeeeeeeeeh!
Analia: Blaaaaaaaaaack!
Noah: Watch this! Blaaaaaaaaag!
Analia: (giggling) Blaaaarf! Bleeeeeeeck!

Sound of running to the living room. Analia spies the balloon she got last night at Red Robin.

Analia: This will be perfect for my baby tummy!

Screeching sound as the balloon is placed under her pajama top.

Noah: Whoa! You look just like my mom!
Analia: I know! Let's throw up again!

Precious little gifts from the Lord...


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