Thursday, February 08, 2007

Personal Pregnancy FAQ

A friend and I were taking a walk around the lake and we ran into several people we know at different points on the path. Strangely, each person asked the same set of questions. My friend said, "You need to just pass out a Frequently Asked Questions sheet so the conversation can move on." We laughed about it, but I also kind of think it's a good idea. Plus, it will be fun to look back on this blog in a few years and remember what this pregnancy was like. Also, if you have asked these questions of me--don't feel bad! You're definitely in good company! And don't feel like you can't ask these questions anymore, either. I'm just amused by how often the questions are the same! And I'm sure I've asked the very same questions of other pregnant women.

1. How are you feeling?

I get asked this question so many times. Usually, I simply reply, "Pretty good," and sometimes add something about how the baby is moving so much, or how I accomplished something on my baby-to-do list. But the real truth is that I feel so different all the time. Really, how I'm feeling now could be totally different in five minutes.

Most of the time I'm glad people ask me how I'm feeling, especially when I know they really care about me. Other times it makes me want to punch myself in the nose because I don't know how I'm feeling and how I'm feeling might not be what I'm supposed to be feeling and what if I'm in the middle of a feeling shift and I have no idea which way these feelings are going to go and it just comes out as,"Pretty good...the baby's moving so much..."

2. When's your due date, again?

April 5th. It's coming up really quickly and I don't feel ready yet.

3. Have you had any cravings?

I think cravings are more of a first trimester thing, but I've been asked about cravings more in this third trimester. Maybe because now I look pregnant and people associate pregnancy with strange food desires. Anyway, I've only had a couple cravings where I felt like I absolutely had to have a certain food or else I would go crazy. One time it was for sausage links and pancakes and another time I really wanted an apple fritter. There have also been times where certain foods were the only foods that sounded good at all. Like when I was about 5 months pregnant and only wanted to eat Fruit Loops or Peanut Butter Captain Crunch. I also had a cottage cheese and peaches phase.

4. Have you picked out a name?

Yes. I think so.

5. Well? Are you gonna tell us?

*Sigh* Yes. But you're only allowed to respond positively. That means not saying, "Oh, I knew a kid with that name. He was a terror." Or, "Wow. That kid's gonna get teased..."

I'm pretty sure we've decided on Tobin. It is a variation of Tobias which means "God's goodness." God has certainly shown us his goodness throughout this pregnancy and just like when Noah was born and we needed "rest/comfort" this baby came at a time when I desperately needed to know that God is still good. Plus, Noah refers to his "baby brudder" as Toby, and it's so darn cute I can't stand to take that away from him. I think Tobin is a great name for all ages. Toby is cute for a baby or little kid. And I've known several really cool teenagers named Toby--they were all super nice and respectful. And then I can imagine him getting his diploma and the name being called out, "Tobin Joseph Linhart" sounds strong and sophisticated.

6. How are you going to spell that?

T-O-B-I-N. And no, we're not considering T-O-B-E-N.

7. What about T-O-B-Y-N?

*blink* ...and this is why I'm reluctant to share our chosen baby name. Moving on.

8. Are you having a baby shower?

I don't think so... I mean, do people have showers for second children? And even if they do, isn't it rude of me to plan my own? There isn't a lot that we need need. And for people who've asked us what we'd like because they really want to give us a gift we've put up the Baby Wishlist...but we've been buying a few things here and there so there's not really anything major that we're lacking.

9. Do you want to hear a horrible and completely inappropriate birth story that is sure to make you queasy and terrified about giving birth again?


10. Should I give you unsolicited advice such as, "Make sure you get plenty of sleep now because you're not going to get any when the baby's here"?



  1. Love, love, love that name and love that baby!!

    You might be amused (if you haven't encountered her already) by Mighty Girl, who is 10 days away from her due date. This entry made me think of the last two questions on your FAQ list:

  2. All I can say is LOVE IT! I have been asked how I'm feeling so many times (mostly at church) that sometimes I want to scream. I usually say, "I feel really good today." Because I usually do, but that doesn't mean I am not allowed to feel terrible tomorrow. I like your name. Your baby's name I mean. And your name too.

  3. It seems that you would want people to be interested in how you are feeling and how the pregnancy was going. If people didn't ask then you might be offended because people weren't interested or asking questions. Seems like a double edge sword.

  4. Hi, anonymous. Yes, I do want people to be interested in how I'm feeling. I was merely expressing my amusement at the pattern of questions I've been getting lately. My other pregnant friends have commented that they receive similar questions. I was in no way chastising people for asking and I'm not saying that they should stop either. And while sometimes I do feel frustrated about how I'm feeling, it's because MY feelings are so whacky, not because I'm frustrated at the person for asking. So, I don't see the double edged sword you're reading into this. Hope this clarifies things for you.

  5. WOW! baby #2! Congrats! If baby #3 is a boy(I'm getting a head start if you guys are even thinking of having a baby #3)I have some great ideas for names. Seems like life after Israel has been going great for you, Geary! I appreciate the gotee look!


  6. Willie! Good to hear from you, man! Thanks for stopping in at our blog--hope life after Israel has treated you well, too.

  7. So happy for you guys, love her name, hope to see you all soon!

  8. I love the name. Also, I can't seem to get to your wishlist using the link provided. It just takes me to some Mega site of Bible studies and information. Unless that's what Tobin wants, then I'm not sure I can help out.

  9. Thanks, Stine! I'm not sure why the links aren't working for you. The URL is just


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