Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Called Out

Linhart living room at 8:30 pm: Geary and Jeana are vegging in front of the t.v. discussing the train wreck that used to be Gilmore Girls. Soft strains of childrens' voices singing "God is so good..." come from the open door of Noah's bedroom where he has been in bed for the past 30 minutes.

Noah: Aaaargh!

God is so good...

Noah: Grrrrr! Umph!

God is so good...

Noah: Gaaaaah!

He's so good to me.

Geary: Noah, what's wrong?

Noah: I can't open the straw on my water cup.

Jeana: Bring it here. I'll help you.

Noah: I can't. You come here.

Jeana: Why? Are your legs broken?

Noah: Are yours?


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