Friday, February 02, 2007

Knock, Knock

Noah: Mom, let's tell knock-knock jokes.

Jeana: Okay. Um...Knock, knock.

Noah: Who is it?

Jeana: Little old lady.

Noah: Little old lady, who?

Jeana: I didn't know you could yodel! (Yuk yuk yuk!)

Noah (totally deadpan): I can't.


  1. I tried to tell my kindergarteners some jokes one time and it was a total flop. I have found that they have their own economy of humor. In this ecomony bodily functions rule. The other day someone farted in class and I had to stop and wait patiently while they laughed. (not at the child that farted, just the fart in general)

  2. Yep. Nothing elicits more giggles from my son and his friends than someone "tooting." And of course then they all have to mimic the toot. Noah also laughs hysterically whenever someone mentions diapers.


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