Sunday, February 04, 2007


After my last post I got a couple of emails asking which jokes Noah knows. He currently has two that he can tell relatively well.

Q: What did the mama buffalo say when her baby went to school?
A: Bye, son! Get it?!?! Bison!!


Q: What did the mama frog say when her baby turned one year old?
A: Hoppy Birthday! Get it?!?!?! HOPPY birthday!

FYI, a pre-schooler adding "Get it?!?!" to the end of any joke is comedy gold.

We tried teaching him this one:

Q: How many tigers can you fit into an empty cage?
A: Just one! After that the cage isn't empty anymore!

However, Noah usually turns this into a series of jokes that are only funny to him. For example:

Q: How many big bad wolves blew down the little pigs' houses?
A: Two! Then they weren't empty anymore! Get it?!?!?! Hazmat!

Yeah, I don't know why he adds "hazmat" to the end. And once he gets going he adds other random or made up words after his "Get it?!?!" So the jokes end up being nonsensical with "bath jar!" or "piggy puff!" or " sneak bud!' or whatever after them. Until you politely say, "These jokes are giving me a headache." The he quits.

Right now we're working on this series of jokes:

A man walked into a bar and said, "Ouch!"

Three guys walked into a bar. The fourth one ducked.

Did you hear about the dyslexic who walked into a bra?


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