Friday, February 23, 2007

The Kids' Room

I'm pretty much done transforming Noah's room into a room that two kids can share. We sold Noah's loft bed and bought this mate's style bed so we could have drawers underneath for extra storage. Noah loves the bookcase headboard and hides all his treasures behind his pillows. The drawers under the bed hold his clothes and most of his toys are in organized bins in the closet.

Here's the dresser I mentioned before. I bought it last year at Value Village (called Valley Bridges by Noah) for $20 and it was a lime green color. It's originally from Ikea and I think it retailed for $120. Pretty good deal, I'd say. I had tried painting it a deeper shade of green but it turned out to look like split pea soup. Not very attractive. Now it's "Victory Red" and I really like it. It's also the perfect height to use as a changing table. The drawers are now holding diapers, wipes, onesies, sleepers, and blankets.

Here's the baby's side of the room. "Nobody puts Baby in a corner!" Except me, I guess. We opted to go for a portable crib because of the space saving feature. But I can still adjust the mattress height and the weight limit is 50lbs. I think it's gonna work great for us. I found the cube shelf thingy at Target as well as the red bins (They have an online deal where you can get 6 bins for $30. Or you can pay $8 each in the store). They're currently holding crib sheets, receiving blankets, and baby toys. I'm thinking they'll work great as catch-alls for whatever baby stuff we're currently using.

All together I spent less than $200 and I feel really proud of myself. I think the lowest "room makeover" amount given on shows like Design on Dime and Trading Spaces is $500. Granted, we used a lot of stuff that we already had...but then again, so do those shows. I found a ton of great bargains at thrift and consignment stores and of course, Craig's List. I love how much storage we were able to fit into the room and I think it's going to be the perfect space for our kids. Let me know what you think!


  1. This looks SOOOO great. I always suspected you had good style. I'm so appreciative of bright, bold, non-"baby" colors. And the monkeys, the monkeys! Yay!

  2. Thanks, Becky! A compliment on style from such a MOD girl as yourself--I'm so flattered! We love our monkeys, too. In fact, I sometimes think that Noah looks quite a bit like Curious George...

  3. I think it looks fantastic! The dresser is my favorite part. Great job!


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