Tuesday, February 20, 2007

34 Weeks

On Monday, the 12th I had that ultrasound to check on the baby's size and today I got to hear the results from my doctor. Everything looked fine and it looks like the baby is about a week and a half bigger than normal. So, I might be having a larger than average baby, but no big deal--been there, done that(Noah was 8lbs 6oz)! However, I've decided to not put much stock into baby size estimations by doctors. They predicted that Noah would be 10lbs and all my friends' babies were well under their estimated weights. Sometimes by as a much as 4lbs.

One cause for concern, though, is that at the ultrasound we could see that the baby was breach. I can sometimes feel his head so I know he's been rotating around quite a bit for the last few weeks. But for the last few days he's been head up and today at my appointment my doctor pointed out that he's gonna need to get in position fairly quickly. Pretty soon he won't have room to turn somersaults anymore. So, please pray that he gets into prime birthing position soon!

Other than that we're doing well. My parents generously purchased some big ticket items for us this last weekend. A car seat and a bassinet, as well as some smaller things like crib sheets. We're so grateful for their gifts and it's a huge relief to know that if I went into labor today there wouldn't be anything major that we're missing for the baby. I'm hoping to get a dresser painted in the next few weeks so that I can organize all the baby stuff and take pictures of the kids' room to show you! I'm really proud of how it's turning out.

Besides the dresser and final organizing, the only other big thing I have left to check off my list is getting the car seat installed. We like to take our car seats to our local police station to have a certified car seat checker install it for us. This way we know for sure that it's installed correctly and we get a visual lesson on how to do it ourselves later. They even provide noodles for making sure the car seats are at the correct angle for your car. I know, installing a car seat is not rocket science, and I also know how to read directions but 7 out 10 car seats are installed incorrectly and I don't want to take chances with the safety of my babies. With Noah's first carseat we followed all the directions perfectly and the police officer still made several adjustments to the angle of the seat as well as making the seat belt tighter for a safer fit. So here's your PSA for the day: If you are driving with children who need car seats or boosters, make an appointment to have your seat checked! You can find local seat checkers by calling 1-866-SEAT CHECK or by visiting their website http://www.seatcheck.org/.


  1. That's very good to know. I had been wondering about the carseat thing.

  2. Cool, Annie! The officers who've checked our car seats have always been very nice and helpful. It's great to have peace of mind about how secure the seat is.

  3. Hi Girls,
    Local hospitals also hold carseat checkups throughout the year. I know for sure that Children's Hospital and Swedish Hospital have them. Here's a website: http://www.800bucklup.org/

    (-: Amy C.

  4. hola!
    fun to read your posts! glad to hear baby is doing good! wish i had your consistent blogging skills!


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