Tuesday, December 12, 2006

New Phones

We love Verizon wireless. Thanks to their "New Every Two" upgrade deal, Christmas sales, and a Christmas gift from my Papa (thank you, Papa!), we were each able to get a snazzy new phone last night!

Geary went trendy and chose the fancy pants new chocolate in black. It really is a sleek little phone and Geary chose it because it's also an MP3 player. Now he can listen to all his NPR podcasts while working out or on the bus or simply ignoring me while I have a Gilmore Girls DVD marathon.

I picked last year's fancy pants phone, the Motorola Razr V3 in silver. My phone can also play music but I was more interested in its picture taking abilities. I love the big screen and the slim design. It's also been extremely easy to figure out all the functions.


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