Tuesday, December 12, 2006

24 Weeks

I had my 24 week OB appointment this morning. Again, everything is looking good. The heartrate was 160bpm and my doctor was even privileged enough to get a good kick from the baby while she had the doppler on me. Also, the ultrasound report was in and those cysts are gone! Even though I wasn't too concerned about it, it's a relief to know there is nothing to get worried about. They were able to see the parts of the heart and face they missed before and everything looks perfect! At my next appointment I'll have some blood work done and it will also be time for the diabetes test. In my mind the diabetes testing is always "near the end" of pregnancy so it feels kind of exciting/weird that I'm almost to that point!

Some developmental facts about the baby:

At 24 weeks he weighs a little over a pound and is about 8 1/2 inches long -- the size of a banana. His skin becomes less translucent as pigment is deposited, and it looks wrinkly because his body is making his skin more quickly than it makes the fat to pad underneath it. His unique hand and footprints are forming.


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