Monday, November 13, 2006

Boy Names

Help! We cannot agree on any boy names for this baby. We have a girl name that we LOVE and are set on. But for some reason all the boy names are falling flat for us.

I like Tobias, Toby for short. Geary says it makes him think of a tuba player.

I like Miles, but Geary knew a guy named Miles who was a jerk so it's a bad association for him.

Geary likes the names Ethan and Jacob but both have become really popular in the last two years (I'm not kidding--go check the social security baby name listings if you doubt me) and neither of us want our potential son to go by the name of Ethan L. in school. And I knew a couple Jacobs and they were both annoying so it's a bad association for me.

I'm not interested in any more Bible names (thank you to the legions who suggested Isaac. It's not gonna happen.) I have nothing against Bible names, I just don't want to be that family with all the Bible name kids. It's simply a matter of preference.

We don't love the trendy lawyer sounding names like Parker, Keegan, Hunter, Reagan. But at the same time we aren't interested in the classic boy names like John, Sam, David, Richard.

And no unisex names, please. Taylor, Kelly, Sean, Kerri, etc. are out.

Gah!! And it has to sound good with Linhart. For example, I think the name Cole is good. But Cole Linhart is awkward to say because of the double L sound at the end of Cole and beginning of Linhart. It also has to sound good with Noah. As in , "These are our sons, Noah and (insert name here)." And if we end up having a baby girl later the name has to sound good with our chosen girl name. "These are our children, Noah, (name), and Mia."

I think, "These are our children, "Noah, Toby, and Mia" sounds better than "Noah, Miles, and Mia." But I would still have to convince Geary of either of those names.

Oh, and also the middle name has to be Joseph because if this child is a boy we're naming him after my dad. Noah's middle name is James after Geary's dad.

So. Now you have our list of requirements. Any ideas??

We really just want to be prepared in case this baby is NOT a girl. I would hate to bring home "Baby Boy Linhart".


  1. What about Anthony, Tony for short?
    Would roll with your Toby idea in sound, but definitely does not sound like a tuba player.

  2. Course, there's always Daniel or Allen...

  3. Okay Jeana...Here are a few...

    Braden, Bryce...could go by BJ

    Carson, Conor...could go by CJ

    Ethan, Grant, Kaden, Luke, Nathan, Riley, Travis

    I like Nathan...same initials as Noah. Good Luck

  4. Try some unusual heroes:
    Clive Staples (Lewis)
    Dietrich (Bonhoeffer)
    Jim (Elliot)
    Nate (Saint)
    Thomas (Aquinas)
    Martin (Luther)
    William (Tyndale)
    Karl (Barth)
    John Ronald Reuel (Tolkein)
    Jonathan (Edwards)
    George (Whitfield)
    Charles (Wesley)
    Adoniram (Judson) (just kidding)

  5. Have you tried name voyager?

    Probably won't help you that much but it's pretty cool.

  6. Okay, no lawyers or Bible names. There are family names: Ray, Russell, Bret, Rex, Harry, Earnest and Floyd.

    Love, Mom

  7. Grandpa Bob suggests (ta-da)



  8. Random name comments:

    I think we're reserving Bret for Anita in case she ever has a son.

    Tony. No. I would forever think of Tony Danza in an apron.

    Adoniram. Adon for short? It just might work! Also, what about just Tolkien? Tolkien Joseph Linhart?

    I do like Grant, Cindy. I'm not sure I love how how sounds with Noah but we've added it to the list.

  9. We had an amazing Christian brother whose name was Tobin, Toby for short. Is it Tobias or Toby that reminds Geary of a tuba?


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