Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Boy Name Update

Wow! Thanks for all the suggestions! A few names stuck out and are now in the running. Also, we haven't completely eliminated Bible names. For instance, we are considering Asher. But we have completely eliminated names beginning with 'L'. Sorry, Bob...Lance Linhart? It just makes me think of Lex Luther. I agree that Lance Joseph sounds very nice, but it's not working for me with our last name.

I bought a couple of baby name books at Half Price Books yesterday and went through one highlighting possible names. The other one is called The Baby Name Wizard and it gives suggestions for brother and sister names. Here's what it says about Noah:

Sisters: Hannah, Maya, Chloe, Abigail
Brothers: Jonah, Ethan, Caleb, Owen, Eli

Maya is really close to Mia and if you look up Mia in the girl section it suggests Noah as a brother so...there you go. We passed the Wizard Test for our girl name.

As far as the suggested brother names. I already mentioned that we like Ethan but are questioning its popularity. There has been a surge of baby Jonah's from our Multnomah classmates. I do like Caleb but I feel like there are a lot of little boys named Caleb. However, I haven't met any babies named Caleb in a few years, so it's a possibility. And I love Eli, but I have several friends who have picked that name (or similar sounding) for their babies and they would be so perfect so I want them to have it. Owen does nothing for me.

I looked up each of the suggested brother names to see what their suggested brother names are and came up with Cole (which we've already discussed), Ian (which I really like and probably because I know an amazing man of God who's spiritual gift is friendship named Ian), Gabriel (which I also really like but has the same 'L' problem as Cole. However, going by Gabe would solve that issue), and lastly, Atticus (which--awesome!! To Kill a Mockingbird! But what nicknames? And, are we setting him up to be teased?).

I'm not sure why it's so hard this time around! Choosing the name Noah was like divine inspiriation. It drifted from heaven into our minds and we heard angelic choirs and when we uttered the name, drops of honey fell from our lips. Okay, so it wasn't really like that, but it was easy!


  1. How about:
    Elijah (instead of Eli)
    Milo (instead of Miles)

  2. Oh, I forgot:

    Elias (instead of Eli)


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