Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Lessons From Parenthood

Noah: What's my mom's name?
Jeana: Your mom is me. Jeana.
Noah: Who's your mom?
Jeana: Granny is my mom.
Noah: Her name is Peggy. Who's Daddy's mom?
Jeana: Grandma.
Noah: You mean Garyanna?
Jeana: Yep.
Noah: Who's Garyanna's mom?
Jeana: Tracy.
Noah: Who's Tracy?
Jeana: She's Garyanna's mom. You haven't met her. She died.
Noah: She's dead? When can I meet her?
Jeana: I guess when you go to heaven.
Noah: But what about before that? Can she come to the farm for Christmas?
Jeana: No. When people are dead that means they can't come back and visit us.
Noah: Jesus came back.
Jeana: That's right. But Jesus is the only one who can make people come back from the dead.
Noah (looking thoughtful): It's not nice if people can't come back. It feels bad.
Jeana: Yeah. It's okay to miss people we love when they're dead.
Noah: If we tell people we want to make them dead then that's saying we don't want them to come back. And that's not nice. It will hurt their feelings.
Jeana: You're right.
Noah: Is that why you don't like it when kids say, "I'm gonna kill you?"
Jeana: That's exactly right. I don't like it when anybody says, "I'm gonna kill you." Even grown-ups.
Noah: Maybe we can say, "I'm gonna make you alive!" And make their feelings feel good. And we can hug 'em and share our toys. And it makes my feelings feel good when you pray for me.


  1. Hi, Linharts! Thanks for dropping by my blog. :) I love connecting with old MBC friends. I'll never forget the legendary brother house "Pee Couch." I like your blog.

  2. Noah James, I wish Grandma Tracy could come for Christmas at the Farm too. She is missing a treasure in not meeting you until heaven.

    Grandma Tracy's daughter/ Geary Linhart's mother.


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