Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Noah's preschool class went to a farm for their first fieldtrip and each student got to choose their own pumpkin. Most of Noah's friends beelined to the first pumpkin they saw and gave it to their group leader to carry. Noah picked up about seven pumpkins and examined them thoroughly before setting each one back down and declaring it, "Not the one." Finally, he chose this pumpkin and decorated it with metalic markers.

Yesterday at preschool, the kids made egg carton spiders. Noah decided that his pumpkin would be the perfect home for his spider.

It's been interesting to notice how specific he is about certain things. Most of his coloring pages have a couple of colors randomly scribbled on them. But if there is a cutting or glue project, Noah is amazingly detailed. Even with the spider, he made sure that legs were bent at just the right angle.


  1. That's cool. It's fun to see their personality come out.

    I wonder where he learned to be so meticulous... hmmmm....


  2. Power to the craft! Go, Noah go!


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