Friday, September 22, 2006

When You Share You Get Your Share of Friends

Preschool: Developing good character in children long long time ago.

When Geary and I went to the first Preschool Parent meeting, back in August, we were told that the kids were going to learn the alphabet, how to count to 10, shapes and colors, and how to spell their names. Geary was indignant, "Noah already knows all that stuff! We should move him up to Pre-K!" I knew he was right, but still I replied, "No, no, we're not going to be all my-kid-is-a-genius-and-we're-overachiever-parents about this. (Although let's just be honest here--my kid is a genius.) Preschool is about learning to take turns, and sit quietly, and share with others."

Well...Noah came home yesterday and we had this conversation:

Noah: Look what I made! I glued this tissue paper to this and that's the water!
Jeana: It's beautiful! Did you pour the glue yourself?
Noah: I had the purple gluestick. Reese wanted the purple one but I was using it.
Jeana: Oh, did you share it with her?
Noah: No! I shared it with me.


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