Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Name Our Fetus

We got our first congratulations-on-being-pregnant gift today! My friend and mentor, Megan Neill, gave me a package of Goldfish Baby for our little Goldfish Baby! Isn't it too cute? Thank you, Megan! We love it!
We need some help coming up with a fetus name for this child. I hate calling the baby "it" or just plain "baby." We called Noah "Sprout" and now we need some suggestions for this one. Some ideas we've thrown around include GB (Goldfish Baby), Bean (pretty common), and TheCure (you know, so it can be "Walk for TheCure, Stay Hydrated for TheCure, Take your monster-huge-horse-pill-prenatal-vitamin-which-makes-you-sick for TheCure). What are your ideas?


  1. about "Goldfish"? Seems fairly well established. Catchy. Non-gender-specific. Lends itself well to knitted yellow baby hats with fishy tails.

  2. You do make a good point there. And we accept any knitted yellow baby hats with fishy tails and also goldfishy amurgamipichuwhatchamacallits that you are so talented at making. *wink*

  3. For starters, call it "her" because it's a girl.

    Secondly, I'm pretty partial to "bug".


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