Thursday, August 24, 2006

Doctors Appointment Part 2

I just got back from the second half of my first appointment. I had a full physical exam and my doctor says everything looks great. We couldn't hear a heartbeat with the Doppler, but that is okay--it's still early enough that we don't have to be worried about it. I did get to hear my placenta, though! Also, my doctor said that my uterus is definitely enlarged and she agrees with me that the baby is probably somewhere in the 6 to 8 week range. She's ordering an ultrasound and I can call to schedule one for any time next week.

Still feeling queasy. I might look into getting some sea sickness wrist bands to help with that.

In other news: We had our first parent meeting for Noah's preschool and we got to meet his teachers and see his classroom. He's gonna love it! I'm planning on taking him to meet his teachers next Thursday and give him some time to get a feel for the school grounds and classroom. We bought him a folder last night and this week we'll work on getting his earthquake kit together. Also, I need to buy that boy some pants! He's been wearing shorts all summer and today when I put pants on him, all of them were waaaaaaay too short. I mean, I know his name is Noah, but does that mean he has to dress like he's prepared for a flood??

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  1. Yeah! Yeah!and more Yeah!

    The grandma is excited and praising the Lord!


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